INSTITUTION OF INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (IICE) is devoted, dedicated & committed to enable the young by identifying potential and utilize for their socio-economic upliftment through upgrading their knowledge &skill. Improvement is lifelong process in every sphere of life it must be continue for betterment &major achievement of life.

Empowerment of the disabled and enabling them to enjoy their rights by making informed choices is a part of IICE mission.

IICE is currently at a stage where it wants to spread its wings and expand its entrepreneurship program through organizational and financial development. The objective of the engagement is to advise IICE and provide a road map to help it scale-up its entrepreneurship program and also make it self-sustainable. The diagram shows the resource requirements for a typical NGO and the way they are fulfilled.


Provide opportunities to the young for enabling them economically independent with the help of knowledge &skill to survive their life with self respect& dignity.


Healthy, prosperous, exploit less Society without discrimination, exploitation, unemployment & equal opportunity for development to all   every where.







Abraham  Lincoln Sathi, (Director) well known for his development initiatives, heads IICE. He is assisted by a group of senior enthusiastic and talented volunteers. Some provide basic training for the disabled trust objectives. Other differentiable volunteers run the welfare with the help of people.


IICE working in the areas of community development and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society as well as keen to implement multifaceted entrepreneurship program Established in 1998, it has relied on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and media to bring social change.